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FASHION INDEX is a B2B and a B2C platform catering to the new fashion industry. It is a one  stop place to find resources to make your products, opportunities to connect and grow your  career via the Job Board, hash out ideas on the Concept Incubator, find everything you would  need to style events with the Stylist Resource, and find collaboration opportunities with the  Collaborate. Continue your education. Connect with financial resources to fund your business. Find trend forecasting companies to connect with and much more!  

Fashion Index Concept Incubator:  

A unique online social space which allows people to test new ideas or concepts in a quick  response environment. This is people helping people. Sometimes you just need to throw a little  gas on that flame to make it a fire! Concept Incubator is that space to go create.  


Fashion Index Job Board:  

The world just got smaller, connected and more in focus! Get more done, connect with proven  professionals and companies. A unique on line marketplace where innovation meets  experience. Work remotely (from anywhere), Own your own business, help bring exciting new  brands to life and help them grow!  

Fashion Index Stylist Resource:  

We are here to help stylists work smarter and not harder. Stylist Resource is the answer you put  your needs out there in 1 post and let your favorite resources as well as new resources offer  you product for your photo shoots & events. Connect here. Discover the next best thing.



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