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PREFACE Trend is a collaboration with Sonia Martin of BREW.




Real, by definition means that which actually exists and is genuine. As it no longer becomes obvious what is real, will we begin to value that which exists more? Will we value that which is created by human hands, using crafts and skills perfected and mastered over time?


BREW presents nine trend concepts with corresponding color palettes. The trends explored are:


• REVEAL / BARE - To bring into view

• REVEAL / SHADOW - To bring into view

• RECONNECT / TOUCH - Reestablishing a bond

• REGALIA / ADORN - Fancy finery

• REGALIA / MAX - Fancy finery

• REUNION / STAPLE - Coming together again 

• REUNION / PAST - Coming together again

• REFINE / CUT - Improve, by making small changes 

• REFINE / FORM - Improve, by making small changes 


The Trend Direction content is a digital file immediately downloadable  upon purchase.


No part of this presentation can be reproduced without permission from BREW.


F/W 24 Trend by BREW