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Flora Gill, Moderator, Designer & Educator

Flora is a designer and educator focussed on sustainability and knits with 24 years experience in the industry. She currently teaches at Pratt Institute and consults for various brands.

August Rust, Material Researcher

August is a material advocate for healthier designed futures. As a researcher at Healthy Materials Lab, they assist designers looking to implement sustainable, equitable textile practices into their work. 

Catherine Kelly, Geosphere LLC Head of Operations

Catherine heads operations at Geosphere LLC, a sustainable packaging brand based in Southern California. Having worked in the apparel industry since 2008, Catherine combines her passion for the natural world and operational experience to help her customers address the toxic legacy being created by persistent plastic pollution. 

Joy Gruver, Naia Fiber Business Development

Joy is a 24 year veteran in the textile world with a drive and passion towards making sustainable fashion for all. What drives her everyday is to help provide solutions for customers that “do better” for our society and our planet. 

Erin Beatty, Rentrayage Founder

Erin founded Rentrayage in 2019 in an effort to reimagine the fashion life cycle and bring value to that which we discard. Formerly the founder of SUNO and Creative Director of Tory Burch, Erin wanted to apply her industry knowledge and creativity to solving for the troubling amounts of waste the industry creates annually. 

Textile Actionable Resources 


Report: Understanding ‘Bio’ Material Innovations, Biofabricate 

Food to Fiber Textile Innovators: 

  • Pinatex’s indigo dyed pineapple fabric from rind waste -Localized scale example piñatex is a great example of working slow scaled

  • TomTex-mushroom, seafood waste shells and coffee grounds leather, all food waste byproducts utilizing biology/biomimicry in using chitosan as binder

Desserto, Deepmello small scale agave cactus and rhubarb leather makers with GRS recycled standard

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