Natural Dye Workshop

Learn the basics of natural dyeing with Lisa Yu of The Good Jean

  • Starts Jul 28

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Overview In this introduction to natural dyeing, we’ll discuss the principles of natural dye and explore the range of colors that can be achieved. This workshop will focus on plant dyes that have a history of healing and wellness, looking at the benefits natural dye plants have to offer beyond color. This concept of herbal dyeing takes into consideration medicinal properties of the plant in hopes that some of the benefits will transfer to the wearer - a beautiful idea that has a lot of relevance coming off a year where we are valuing our health more than ever. Participants will be provided t shirts to dye and swatches & yarns which they can keep or contribute to the preface mending workshop. Or bring your own thing to be dyed! About your instructor: With a background in design and denim, Lisa has spent her career working in Los Angeles and is currently the Design Director at Citizens of Humanity. But being a long-time environmentalist, her conflicting interests in sustainability and working in the fashion industry clashed and ultimately resulted in a solo 5-week trip to Antarctica (maybe the last environmentally pristine place on earth). Since coming back, sustainability has been the priority of all her projects, and “The Good Jean” is her consulting studio where she combines her design background with a passion for r&d in the field of sustainability. She explores and practices topics such as natural natural dyes, material health and science, and designing for circularity.

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