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We believe that during this time of separation, people need something tangible and



This season, PREFACE has created something special — brimming with sustainable concepts,

images, and objects — to help designers and brands think creatively. This beautiful box is designed to rejuvenate and inspire the senses. 

Webinar Series F/W 21:

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Six Cheung from Chaintex will share details about his innovative fabric creations, using nature as a model of sustainable development, and utilizing materials such as algae, metalloid, bio-ceramics, and plant dyes - high tech nature. 

Sustainability: A Conversation for the Real World - Domenica Liebowitz, Lynda Grose, and Annie Gullingsrud come together to share their journeys into 'sustainable' fashion, identify current pressure points in making progress, and discuss the possibilities in shifting from growth centered to worker/earth centric strategies.

Recorded video link: 

A Print Design Story: The COVID Chapter -

Craig Tudhope of Nuprimary Studio, Peri O’Connor of Periscope Art Studio, and Victoria Harris of Mimaki Digital Printing will share how a print comes to life -from what inspires the designers to how it's translated into printed fabric. 

Recorded Video Link: 

Here or There? Production in the Age of Covid - 

Claire Hoppe,  Liz Vandermeer, Jim Atkinson, David Roshan, and Ruth Kelly discuss how Trade Wars and Covid have shaken up the fashion industry this past year. Our panel explores the current state of affairs and examines domestic and international sourcing and manufacturing options. 


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Premium Box


  • Extended S/S/22 trend report complete with unique insight and creative direction by Winding Road Studio. Themes are inclusive for a variety of consumers with diverse aesthetics                                                                      

  • 8 hand crafted mood boards complete with exclusively sourced materials, tactile fabric swatches, and Pantone color story guides                                                                                                         

  • Color storytelling featured through seasonal concept themes as well as master palette with custom dyed fabric swatches                                                                       

  • Seasonal fabric swatch collections from participating textile mills                                                                                                                     

  • Invitation to interactive Natural Flower BundleDye workshop - supplies included   

  • Access to webinar speaker series                                                                       

  • A curated selection of gifts to inspire new ideas

Complimentary Box 

  • S/S 22 trend guide presented in collaboration with Winding Road Studio — printed report including inspirational imagery, color story guides, and fabric resources                                                                                            

  • Digitally printed paper color chips matched to Pantone                                                                                         

  • Seasonal fabric swatch collections from participating textile mills                                                                                                               

  • Access to webinar speaker series


for individual purchase:

  • Master palette with custom dyed fabric swatches                              $165                                                                                                                 

  • Access to dye workshop along with supplies                                 Contact us.  - Group discounts available                                                                 

  • 8 hand crafted mood boards complete with exclusively sourced materials, tactile fabric swatches, and Pantone color story guides.   $250                 


(only with purchase of PREMIUM BOX)


Natural Dye Workshop


Learn about hand dyed, hand tied garments and textiles, in this virtual class on natural dyes. Madder root, turmeric and other dyes will be used and discussed as you dye an organic scarf mask provided by Vector Apparel Projects.