Sustainability Panel Discussion: What Fashion Can Learn From Food

The food industry has made some considerable advancements when it comes to sustainability; organic food, zero-waste initiatives,

plastic-alternative packaging, local sourcing & farmers' markets, and alternative meats & animal products. All of these things have become relatively mainstream & accessible. Why is the fashion industry struggling to follow suit and what can be done to push things along? Our panel of experts from both fashion and food will address these topics and help us to navigate the sometimes-confusing world of sustainability. 

Taste of Talk
PREFACE Speaker Series

Spring/Summer 2023: Taste of Trend

In partnership with Winding Road Studio 

There are multiple layers of inspiration that shape, mold and blend the fashion trends for each season. Texture, color, pattern, balance - the combination of them make the recipe for a collection, whether it’s a menu or a runway. This season we explore the areas of overlap  among chefs and home cooks, street style and high fashion, and cultural and societal trends to find the common ingredients for Spring/Summer 2023.  


Food has always been an important part of the PREFACE experience. This season we expand upon that inspiration by searching to find the delicate balance between a frothy chiffon and the sweet meringue of a macaron; a rustic silk noil and the earthy richness of a chanterelle; the familiar taste of a home cooked meal and the simple, clean fibers of a classic twill. Similar to a  tasting menu, the fabrics take on many different flavors this season: experimental and simple,  hearty and delicate, structured and fluid. Centered around a creative blend of optimism, lightness, escapism and creativity, Spring/ Summer 2023 offers something for everyone at the gathering table.