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BREW Creative

BREW is a global fashion consultancy helping brands create better - for people and planet.  BREW guides brands to design better, tell compelling stories and build businesses in a more responsible way.  Since its inception in 2021, founder Sonia Martin has provided design and marketing services to companies that care about better, from start-ups to established international brands.  Her practice currently serves clients across 4 continents.


Sonia Martin is a visionary female fashion designer with over two decades of experience influencing and shaping iconic American brands. Prior to BREW, Sonia led design teams at numerous fashion brands including Abercrombie & Fitch, Juicy Couture, Banana Republic and, most recently, Everlane. 


Sonia began her career as a printed textile designer in England where she learnt that there is no better way to understand color than to mix it yourself.  Her role as VP of Design and Concept at Juicy Couture for 10 years honed her eye for emerging trends and contextualizing their relevance, and her most recent role as VP of Design at Everlane deepened her knowledge and commitment to responsible design and conscious growth.



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