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Established in 2002, Hangzhou Meho Textiles Co.,Ltd. is a specialized silk supplier producing and designing Innovative, eco-friendly and 1st quality silks.


Following runway trends and old-world techniques alike, this mill's partnerships with Como Italy and Japanese design studios create beautiful print developments for our customers. The Meho Silk collection starts with classic constructions such as charmeuse, CDC and Georgette but our specialty is novelty silk textures and fiber blends featuring silk/viscose and silk/cotton. We pride ourselves in our ability to develop unique products with customers. Every step of the production process is controlled, from raw material to finishing in order to closely monitor timing and to ensure grade A goods.


Silk History & Facts

Dating back 5,000 years, sericulture, the practice of rearing silkworms, is practiced in more than 60 countries. China and India are, by far, the leading silk producers, together accounting for 97 percent of the world’s silk. Silk cocoons can only be grown in certain climates with a moderate climate between 20-27C degrees. The worms need clean air, mulberry leaves and safety from critters that like to eat them. Traditionally the silk industry was located around the Hangzhou and Suzhou area but in recent years has moved to Yunna and Guang Xi provinces where there is less population and pollution.  Cocoons are spun twice a year — in Spring and Autumn.


While silk is already a 100% natural fiber and must be cultivated in a pollution free environment, MEHO uses 6A raw silk and also offers organic silk as well as eco-blends with fibers including NAIA and Sateri viscose (Eco-Cosy). At the mill, silk yarn is air dried and edible dyes are used to mark the lots. Two dye houses are available -- OEKO-TEX has a water recycling system for washing and dyeing, condensate water recovery, and an MBR-RO treatment system. A Bluesign certified dye house option is also available.




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