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A curated collection of international textiles for apparel and home goods - with a focus on sustainability. Offering solutions from years of experience in sourcing and development of materials. 


Confetti was established in 1990 and based in Turkey. Our specialty is printing through different techniques including Digital, Discharge, and Rotary printing. We offer a range of woven and knit fabrics for printing with a focused group using the latest sustainable yarns. Confetti is known for our fast service and continuous development of print designs offered monthly based on the new trends and colors. 


Carreman was established in 1989 with the aim to create knit and sportswear fabrics that meet the expectations of today’s customers in terms of design, quality, durability, technical sophistication and comfort. With manufacturing in Romania and China, Carreman is known internationally for our good customer relations. 


Fortunetex is an established natural fiber textile manufacturer based in Shenzhen China. Our focus has been on the development and production of sustainable linen and cotton fabrics for more than 10 years. We offer yarn dyed, piece dyed, and printed fabrics for both the apparel and home goods. Through our constant innovation, quality control, and efficient service our brand partnerships continue to grow each year. 


PYRATEX® was born in 2014 with the mission to replace synthetic textiles with natural and more responsible options. Our sustainable fabrics are engineered to retain the fiber's natural properties, bringing functional qualities to the final garments. Leading the change towards responsibility, we work hand in hand with fashion creators that wish to advance in the direction of natural innovation, such as Fiorucci, Pangaia, AZ Factory, Phillip Lim, Camper or Asics.


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