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PREFACE Webinar Series Panelists

Claire Hoppe - Project Manager, Vector Apparel Projects

Liz Vandermeer - Sustainability Consultant, Materials Sourcing

Jim Atkinson- Senior Director of raw materials for URBN

David Roshan - President of Laguna Fabrics

Ruth Kelly - Weft x Warp Founder, Material Editor at Ssachs Magazine, Panel Moderator:


Here or There: Production in the Age of COVID

Innovations in Fibers & Fabrics: High Tech Nature

Six Cheung - Chaintex Ltd. 

A Print Design Story: The COVID Chapter

Peri O’Connor - Founder Periscope Art

Victoria Harris - Senior Textile Segment Specialist Mimaki USA

Dani Miller - Senior Manager of CAD Talbots

Raymond Bono & Craig Tudhope - Co-Creative Directors NuPrimary Textile Design Studio 

Sustainability: A Conversation for the Real World

Domenica Leibowitz - Author of CFDA’s Guide to Sustainable Strategies

Lynda Grose - Professor / Chair - Fashion Design CCA, Co-founder: Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion, Co-author:  Fashion and Sustainability: Design for Change

Annie Gullingsrud - Chief Strategy Officer Eon Group, Author of Fashion Fibers: Designing for Sustainability

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